Calum Riddell
Scottish wedding photographer based in Aberdeen Scotland producing fun, creative and natural wedding photography.

"I’d been running my business for around 8 years when I got in touch with James. My branding was always done by myself but I thought it was time for a refresh and up my game a little. I’d tried a few other designers who’s design concepts I wasn’t a fan of. James’ name had always floated about with a great reputation attached to it. So I decided to get in touch about a new logo/branding. I wanted something simple but bold. Something I could incorporate in my name and use alone and something that someone would see and relate to my business. 

The process was easy from start to finish and although James always took my ideas and thoughts on board, he always gave his own opinion which is exactly what I wanted.

In the end I ended up with a super simple yet effective logo that I could incorporate into my business. I definitely believe what with branding the simpler the better and that’s exactly what the end product was. 

I’d definitely use James in the future and recommend him to anyone thinking about starting out a business or rebranding with a new logo or any other services that James offers."

Calum Riddle

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